Dividing Shapes into Fractions

Fractions are part of a whole.

We will study dividing shapes into fractions , which makes it interesting for kids to learn fractions in a more interactive way.

Dividing circular shapes into fractions from `1/1 " to" 1/10` .

Here is a pictorial representation of the fractions :


Fractions can be represented by dividing shapes into parts.A circle divided into two parts , then one part is `1/2` fraction. Same way we represent each fraction.

Examples of Dividing Rectangular and Square Shapes into Fractions :


Ex 1: Divide a rectangle into two parts to represent the fraction `1/2`

Solution : We divide a rectangle into two parts and color one part in green , this is `1/2`

rectangle into two parts

Ex 2:Divide a rectangle into 4 parts and represent the fraction `1/2`

Solution: We first divide the rectangle into 4 equal parts.Then we color 2 parts .This will represent `2/4 = 1/2` .

rectangle representing 1/2 in a different way

Ex:3 Represent the fraction `3/4` by dividing the shape of a rectangle into fractions.

Solution: We first take rectangle and make 4 equal parts.We color any 3 parts with the same color.This represents the fraction `3/4`

rectangle representing 3/4

Ex 4 : Dividing square into fractions of `4/6`

Solution: We draw a square and make it into two parts- each part is a rectangle , then we divide each part into 3 equal parts.We get 6 parts of the rectangle , next we color 4 parts with the same color

square representing 4/6


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Some more Examples of Dividing Shapes into Fractions :

1) Divide a rectangle to represent  `6/12` fractions

Solution: We first divide the rectangle horizontally then we divide each part 6 parts.Thus we get a total of 12 parts.We color 6 parts this represents `6/12` .


2)Divide a square to represent fraction `7/8`

Solution: We first divide the square diagonally into two equal parts, then we divide each part into 4 equal portions.This gives us 8 parts.

square 1

Then we color 7 parts .This represents the fraction `7/8` .

3)Divide a triangle to represent `1/2` fraction.

Solution: We draw a triangle , divide it into two halves along one of the altitude.We color one part this represents `1/2` fraction.


4) Divide a hexagon to represent fraction `1/4`

Solution: We first draw a hexagon,then we divide it into 4 equal parts. Color one part .This represents the fraction `1/4`

shape 3

5)Divide the shape cross to fraction `1/4`

Solution : First draw a cross shape. Then divide it into half and then divide each half into two equal parts. Shade one part this represents `1/4` .


6) Divide a circle to represent a fraction `4/7`

Solution: We first draw a circle and divide it into 7 equal parts .Then we color 4 parts out of the 7 .

This represents the fraction `4/7`



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